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There is a nice article about me, and Tactics Time on the United States Chess Federation “Chess Life Online” blog that just got posted today.

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The article is titled “Tim Brennan, the Chess Amateur who Wrote a Best-Seller” and is written by Alan Rodenstein.

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Alan interviewed me about a month ago on the phone.  He is working on a book on the state of chess in contemporary America.  Publication is expected in 2015.

You can read the article here:

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One thought on “Chess Life Online Article!

  1. What can I say?

    CONGRATULATIONS Timmy! Your perseverance and hard working at chess (this time – tactics rule!) finally has given you a SUCCESS! I am very happy with that and I am glad you shared this with us! I believe all of your friend and close relatives are really PROUD of you and your achievement! At least I am! :). Great work bro!!!

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