Book Review: Chess is Child’s Play

When I first heard the title “Chess is Child’s Play” I thought it was a low budget sequel about a murderous doll named Chuckie who comes back to life, and tortures the nerdy members of the chess club. 

Chess is Child's Play

But all joking aside, it is actually a new chess book out on the market teaching parents about the topic of chess and children.

My co-author of Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players, Anthea Carson, wrote a review, which she sent to me to post here.

I have not read the book myself, but it looks really good, and the reviews on amazon are outstanding.  I don’t have any experience myself with teaching kids, but if I wanted to get into that, I would certainly be asking Anthea if I could borrow this book.  In fact, I will probably borrow her copy just to see for myself what it is like.

Anthea writes:

I’m always on the lookout for a good chess book that helps me to coach chess to kids.

I found one this week called Chess is Child’s Play by Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick.

This book is a bargain at $19.95 for a hardback.

It is 302 pages long, and chock full of ideas!

This book shows a real understanding of kids and how they learn chess.

I have coached chess myself for 15 years or more and I recognized a lot of the same chess situations I have seen working with kids, and some of the same challenges.

Sherman and Kilpatrick have broken the art of teaching down into its simplest building blocks.

They have answered questions I have heard myself from parents about how to get kids to learn the game of kings.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in coaching chess, or simply in encouraging their own kids or grandkids to learn the game.

This would be a wonderful resource to bring with them as a coach, to help them with level appropriate lesson plans and ideas.

Here is the link to buy this book:Chess is Child’s Play: Teaching Techniques That Work

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