Remove the Guard Tactics

I got a nice e-mail today from one of my newsletter readers… It was in regard to this position with white to move: From my most recent newsletter, which I sent out today.  You can read it here: This was … Continue reading

Reader Questions on Sunday’s Newsletter Chess Tactic

I got a few questions about the chess tactic that I sent out on Sunday, which you can read here: Here is the position in question, with white to move: James writes: Hi Tim, You got my vote; your … Continue reading

Reader Questions on Newsletter Chess Tactics

I got a couple of questions lately on some of the chess tactics in my newsletter e-mails, and thought I would answer some of them here, because chances are that other readers might have had similar questions. Yesterday for Mother’s … Continue reading

News and Notes: Chess Comeback after 25 years, Broken Pawn, CJA

I played in the Loveland Open this past weekend which was a lot of fun! There were 60 players, from 6 different states: Colorado Wyoming Arizona North Carolina California Alaska!   Wow! Nice! Here is a nice tactic from one … Continue reading