Chess Tactics Training Guide

Based on some feedback that I got from one of my customers, Dan in England, I wrote a Tactics Time User’s Guide.  You can read for free here.    In the book I give some tips on: How to use … Continue reading

Fritz 13 Chess Engine Announced

I received an email from the USCF the other day, announcing Fritz 13, and that you could preorder it now for delivery in mid October 2011. I have been a Fritz user since the late 1990s with Fritz 5.32.  While … Continue reading

Tactics Time Version 1.1

I just released an update to the Tactics Time Database – Version 1.1! Existing customers have already been notified by e-mail that they can download the new version with updates for free.  (Tactics Time comes with free, unlimited, lifetime upgrades). … Continue reading

Paul Anderson Interview

This week Tactics Time had the priviledge of interviewing Paul Anderson.  Paul is a long time member of the Colorado Springs Chess Club, and writes a light hearted weekly newsletter where he shares games, news, videos and stories about chess. In this week’s … Continue reading