April 2013 Tactics Time Column

Click Here to read the April 2013 Tactics Time Column from the Colorado State Chess Association’s magazine the Colorado Chess Informant in PDF. Tournaments include: Winter Springs Open Colorado Springs Panera Bread Tournaments Fort Collins Wild Boar and more! Players … Continue reading

Some recent Reader Mail and Feedback

Morphy Puzzle correction   I got a really nice email after the Morphy newsletter that I sent out, which contained this position: You can read the newsletter here: http://archive.aweber.com/tacticstime/KuFyI/h/Tactics_Time_Chess_Newsletter_.htm The Answer I gave was:    White has a cute mate … Continue reading

July 2012 Tactics Time Column

Here is the July 2012 Tactics Time Chess Tactics Column, which appeared in the Colorado Chess Informant magazine, the official state magazine for the Colorado State Chess Association (CSCA).  Click on the image below to read the column. Tactics Include: … Continue reading

Remove the Guard Tactics

I got a nice e-mail today from one of my newsletter readers… It was in regard to this position with white to move: From my most recent newsletter, which I sent out today.  You can read it here: http://archive.aweber.com/tacticstime/KK.qI/h/Tactics_Time_Chess_Newsletter_.htm This was … Continue reading

Invisible Defender Tactic

   Before I get into this really cool story take a look at this position, and see if you can find the best move for white.  Answer is below.    I get a lot of great comments from people who see … Continue reading

Too Easy to Publish

I got a nice e-mail yesterday from Richard Brown, who had played in the Pikes Peak Open over the weekend in Manitou Springs.  Here is the position in question, with White to Move, if you want to take a look … Continue reading