The Dark Lake – Anthea Carson Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast features my most frequent guest, author Anthea Carson.

Anthea is a super active chess player, chess mom, chess teacher and author.  She just published a new fiction book, called The Dark Lake, which is now available for download on

Anthea is a great writer, and her book is a real page turner!  The book is free through Sunday March 4, and is only 99 cents after that, including a full refund if you don’t like it.

She has already had hundreds of downloads, which is very exciting!  I wanted to help her spread the word!

Anthea and I talked about:

  • Her new book The Dark Lake, which is available now as a Kindle download from
  • Parallels between chess and writing including character development, and advancing the story
  • and much more!

You are sure to enjoy this podcast! MP3 podcast interview with Anthea Carson (Right Click to download)

Click here to read the transcript.

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7 thoughts on “The Dark Lake – Anthea Carson Podcast Interview

  1. I would love to see the transcript, because I am not so fluent in English… and I feel that this interview was really great! With the help of it I might understand everything :).

    Just one question (and some suggestion?) :)
    WHEN do you publish second part of the interview Tim? It is not acceptable to make just 18 minutes interview with SUCH a nice and interesting (and known – especially by the art and amazing approach to chess!) person!

    Tim! I would BEG you to asked Anthea to agree for the second part of the interview! I love that FIRST part and cannot wait to the second one :). If you need help of next group of questions… just let me know – I will help you with pleasure! :). Especially if I might see the transcript of part ONE :).

    I LOVE this interview! :)

  2. Hi Thomasz

    Thank you for your kind words. We will do a follow up– go ahead and make a list of questions for me and we will answer them. You can post them here or send to Tim.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Anthea!

      Thank you very much for your splendid interview and your reply here!
      I love your PASSION of chess. I have seen your artistic soul and wondered how did it happen that you “sink” (get into) chess. I was listening an interview a few times, but my English is not so fluent – it is the reason why I did not catch all the sense of the dialogue. I would not like to duplicate questions or make unnecessary when there was a few about some topics.

      Anyway I was deeply moved (or fascinated if you wish) when you were talking about your book, the figures and many parallel to chess. I will try to listen it just a few times, but a translation (in PDF) would have helped me a lot. With that kind of help I am able to understand nearly all the text – without I am only catching some like 30-40% of the whole.

      I might be wrong, but I have the feeling that chess for you is like air to fish. Summing up in just one word: you are an artists who feels chess (ideas, motifs and relations between them, etc.) through your skin. Am I right? :)

  3. Hey Tomasz,

    Thanks so much!

    Glad that you enjoyed the interview. I should have a transcript in a couple of days!


  4. Timmy :)

    I am waiting for a transcript. I have just noticed that there are 3 of them on your great site :). I have repeated them a few times and after I could be able to see the (last) transcript I am going to prepare a few more questions – Anthea is so interesting artist that I cannot restist to ask some questions – I am delighted about two previous interviews: they are so nice that repeating them gives me much more ideas what questions should be prepared by me ;) :).

  5. Hey Timmy!

    Thanks for publishing! I hope you might be able to change it into PDF (as usual) as your free time allows, right? Now I am just starting to listen all the podcasts (interviews) with Anthea once more and in a few days I am going to prepare my questions.
    I might tell you that after listening them 10 times I am much close to the point and understand what you are talking about. Fascinating stuff

    Hi Anthea!

    You are full of ideas and you have got great sense of relations: it is clearly shown when you are speaking about your novel and how do you see some interactions between pieces (people) acting on the chessboard (life). I bet you are much more powerful at your verbal skills than sitting at the chessboard and thinking about not so real (abstract) ideas. Anyway I like your way of presenting your thoughts! I love these podcasts beacause they are so emotional, deep and just interesting: Timmy and you are creating a show, not just a Q and A session ;) :).
    PS. The deepness of your reflections and thoughts just struck me!

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