100th Newsletter, Moose is loose, Chess victory dance

  • 100th Newsletter!  I just send out Tactics Time Newsletter #100 to my earliest subscribers.  It features a very interesting position with a 400 point upset from the first Edward Levy Memorial tournament that was held in Denver years ago against GM Jaan Elvhist.

I am always looking to get new subscribers, so if you have any good ideas for me about how to get more, let me know!

  • I got my trophy in the Mail yesterday from the Reno Western States Open :-)
  • Fred Spell just came out with his November issue of his “Colorado Springs Chess Night” chess e-mail newsletter.  They are really nicely done in PDF format, with great graphics, crosstable and game scores.  E-mail him at eagleandking (At) hotmail (Dot) com to subscribe!  They are really outstanding.  You can also read it here.

The Moose from How to Play Chess Like an Animal

  • I have been studying marketing lately, and from a marketing perspective “How to Reassess Your Chess” is a BRILLIANT title!

One of the things that is important in a title are things like alliteration, and rhyme and
repeating sounds that get stuck in your brain.  For example “Bed, Bath and Beyond” has alliteration, “Coca-Cola” has alliteration and repeating sounds. 

“How to Reassess Your Chess” has rhyme, and repeating sounds that kind of stick in your brain (ass,ess,ess), and also describes what it is going to help you accomplish right in the title, which is also useful to have.

Probably the best chess title I can think of, and I have no doubt this is part of why it is so popular.

  • Congrats to Kevin Seidler on winning the Winter Springs Open this past weekend!
  • I have a couple new podcast interviews lined up with some strong and interesting chess players, stay tuned!
  • One topic that comes up a lot is “What is the best book for a beginner”.  My answer is normally “The Idiot’s Guide to Chess”.  What book would you recommend for a beginner?

  • I was thinking…. it would make a funny video to do NFL style celebrations during/after a chess game in the middle of a chess tournament.

    Like make a move that wins a pawn, then get down into a Tebowing pose or after a checkmate do a dance like that receiver for the Bills did last week where he was dancing, then pretended to shoot himself in the leg like Plaxico Burress, lol

    or some of the older classics – like do a “T.O.” and autograph the other guy’s king after you win the game lol

    It might be funny to celebrate like this after a chess game

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