Alex Freeman vs Gunnar Andersen

8 thoughts on “Alex Freeman vs Gunnar Andersen

  1. Tim,

    Thanks for all the good tactical puzzles and info. I was not able to see the puzzle board until I clicked on the “play through the game here” option and by that time it is too late because I have already seen the answer. This has happened about 3 times before. Do I have some setting wrong? Thanks.


    • Hey Steve,
      So do you mean that you can’t see the tactics board in the email? That could be the settings with your email program – many of them disable images by default. Sometimes the email client will automatically enable the images once you click a link on them, because then the email realizes that it is something that you are interested in (and not spam).

      You might need to “white list” my email address, so that the images are set by default to come up. Every email program and client is different, so there is no easy way to do describe how to do this, but if you google it, you can probably find it (like google – “show images in gmail” or “show images in hotmail”, etc).

      Hope that helps!


    • Well 16.Ne6, then Black just takes it 16…fxe6 and White is down a piece.

      Black has a sneaky tactic after 16. Bxc4 – they first play Rxc4 attacking the White Knight.

      If the knight moves, say Nb3 – they Black has a crazy looking Xray with 17…Rh4 – which is not an easy move to find (for a human) – with the same in between move idea that I mentioned in the email. 18. Qxd8 Bxh6+

      I have no idea if Gunnar saw this – I didn’t see this variation until this morning.

      I think that Bxc4 gives White the most practical chances, because this Rh4 move (which wins a piece) is not easy to see.

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