Reader Questions on Sunday’s Newsletter Chess Tactic

I got a few questions about the chess tactic that I sent out on Sunday, which you can read here: Here is the position in question, with white to move: James writes: Hi Tim, You got my vote; your … Continue reading

The Bad Beliefs of Chess Improvement

One of the things that often surprises and saddens me is how chess players can spend years working on their chess game and never improve. Some just give up, and accept the fact that they have a low rating, and … Continue reading

Gaining 173 Rating Points in One Month

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and e-mail from chess players, newsletter readers, and customers, from all over the world, who have been telling me that they have been winning more games, raising their chess rating, and having … Continue reading

The Top 10 Pains, Fears and Frustrations of Chess (and how to deal with them)

Playing chess can be stressful, cruel and leave your soul in an emotional train wreck. I have had friends quit playing because they couldn’t handle losing, have seen grown adults crying and throwing temper tantrums, and seen playing who got … Continue reading

Media Circus!

Tactics Time has been getting a lot of press lately! On Sunday my website was mentioned in Stephen Dann’s Chess Column, which appears in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Newspaper.  Worcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts, after Boston. … Continue reading