Why some Chess Tactics Problems are like Playboy Magazine

I recently had an interesting e-mail discussion with one of my customers, Matt S.  You can read excerpts below (emphasis added by me). Matt signed up for my free chess tactics e-mail newsletter, and tried out the sample of 25 … Continue reading

Jamie Moyer’s Secret to Success applied to your Chess Game

  Last week 49 year old Jamie Moyer picked up a well earned win for the Colorado Rockies, the baseball team here.  My friend and super active chess player Dean Brown was there to watch it live.    None of … Continue reading

News and Notes: Chess Musical, Fantasy Chess, Chess Videos, Newsletters…

Some quick tidbits…. Happy 49th Birthday today (April 13th) to “The Boss” Garry Kasparov! His historical match against IBM’s Deep Blue inspired me to get into chess! I was in Philadelphia attending the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) conference when … Continue reading

Chess Tactics Training Guide

Based on some feedback that I got from one of my customers, Dan in England, I wrote a Tactics Time User’s Guide.  You can read for free here.    In the book I give some tips on: How to use … Continue reading

Joe Fromme Interview

Today’s podcast features Joe Fromme, with cohost Anthea Carson. Joe is the President of the Gentlemen’s Chess Club, an active chess player in Colorado, and tournament organizer.  He is a big Bobby Fischer fan, and created a new tournament called … Continue reading