Xtreme Chess Champs, USCF Memberships, Magnus Carlsen Interview

Here is a video that Jennifer Shahade posted for the “Xtreme Chess Champs” show It is kind of amusing. Seems like there is a wide range of playing ability with the contestants.  One player was hanging pieces, while another was … Continue reading

Flashy Moves, Windmills and My Main Problem with Chess Tactics

I got some interesting e-mails lately from some of my newsletter readers. Instead of copy and pasting the whole e-mails and my responses, here are some of the snippets that you might find interesting… Regarding the classification of chess tactics, … Continue reading

The Barry Bonds of Colorado Chess

Dean Brown has been reading my Tactics Time newsletter for a few months now, which is like injecting gorilla juicehead mental chess steroids into your brain! When a chess player subscribes to my newsletter their tactical skill set after a … Continue reading