Chuck Norris Chess, Denver CC, Chess Reality show, Online Cheating, Fritz Bug

My Friend Pete sent me this image, which kicked off a chain of Chuck Norris Chess Jokes.  I found a few more on the internet that people came up with. Chuck Norris did play chess, he solved it the first … Continue reading

How many Different Mates on Move 3 for White are there?

There was an interesting post on called “A counting exercise” that asked the question: How many different ending positions exist where white delivers a checkmate on his third move? To get you started: there are 4 different ending positions … Continue reading

Tips for solving tactics problems

Here are a few quick tips for solving chess tactics problems. Always look at checks. Look for loose pieces (pieces that are undefended) Look for ways to create some sort of double attack (attacking two pieces at the same time) … Continue reading

Cheap Opening Traps, Fritz 13 fun, Inception, Exhibitionists

  For those who like cheap opening traps, here is one you might like to add to your tool box e4 c5 Nf3 d6 c3 Nf6 Be2 (Diagram) If black gets greedy and grabs the pawn with 4. …Nxe4?, then … Continue reading

Beast Mode: Tactics Time e-mail newsletter sample

This is a sample of one of my free chess tactics e-mail newsletters.  The newsletters come out every other day, and contain a fun tactics problem for you to solve.  You can sign up using the box on the right … Continue reading

Newsletter Reader Feedback: Shallow and Unhelpful

  There is never a risk or hassle signing up for my free chess tactics newsletter, because you can always unsubscibe with just one click I got a couple of unsubscribes lately where the people left a comment as to … Continue reading