Chess Art, Batgirl and Robin, Fritz 13, Tebowing

  Congrats to Kathy Schneider who just reached an all time high rating after a great performance this past weekend at the Tourney at the Temple tournament in Pueblo.  Kathy garnered the Under1200 prize by winning 3 out of 5 … Continue reading

Reno Western States Open, Ned Flanders, Everyday Heroes

USCF article on Western States Open I played in this tournament with my good friends Francisco Baltier, and Troy Oberg, who both live in Tucson, Arizona this past weekend.  All three of us did really well in the tournament! I … Continue reading

Chess Tactics Question: Forcing Moves

Sometimes I get questions about tactics about other possible correct moves/answer to the problem. I mostly try to pick tactics where there is only one correct move, but sometimes in a position there is more than one good move. Often … Continue reading

Novice Nook on Chess Tactics Part II

In Part 1 of this article, I looked at several useful articles in Chesscafe’s Novice Nook Column, by NM Dan Heisman, that provided useful tips, tricks, and ideas related to the study of chess tactics. In this article I will … Continue reading

Life Master Joel Johnson Podcast

Today’s podcast features Original Life Master Joel Johnson. Joel subscribed to my free chess tactics newsletter, which I considered to be a real honor, since I was a big fan of his book, Formation Attacks.  I had even included one … Continue reading

Dangerous Passed Pawn on the 7th Rank Tactic

Here is another tactic that I got a question about via email. This problem appears in Tactics Time Newsletter #12. This game is between Alexander Freeman and Fred Spell, and was played at the East Coast Deli in downtown Colorado … Continue reading

Why pick a pawn when you could pick a Bishop?

I frequently get questions about some of the tactics that I publish, both in my newsletters, as well as my column from the Colorado Chess Informant. Here is a letter I received today about my October 2011 Informant Tactics Time … Continue reading

Malkovich Chess, Losing on Time, Baffo on Timmy’s Chess

I will be playing in the Reno Western States Open next weekend.  Several of my chess friends will be there as well, including Troy Oberg and Francisco Baltier.  Should be fun!  I have played in Reno several times, and it … Continue reading

July 2011 Tactics Time: Developing with tempo, overloaded piece, Checks on f7

The July 2011 Tactics Time features a wide variety of Colorado Tournaments including the King Hunt, Pueblo Open, Colorado Class, and Colorado Closed.  This shows how chess is really blooming in Colorado in 2011, and there is a real resurgence … Continue reading

Tactics Time News and Notes: UTD Chess, Prison Chess featured this video showing the UT Dallas Chess Team.  “The Incredible” Tyler Hughes of Colorado is featured in the video! I used to live in Dallas, and took some math and computer science classes there, before I moved to … Continue reading