January 2011 Tactics Time: Missed Oppourtunities

The January 2011 Tactics Time features a couple of missed opportunities, where the player had a one or two move tactic on the board but did not see it. How does this happen?  One reason is because the person is … Continue reading

Solving vs Recognizing Tactics, IM Andrew Martin Videos, Knight Moves

Call for Artists for the upcoming “Art of Chess” exhibition that will be held at the Glovinsky Gallery in Denver. This exhibit features an original “Chess” themed art exhibition right in the heart of Denver’s Beautiful Santa Fe Arts District! … Continue reading

James “J.C.” MacNeil Chess Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast features James “J.C.” MacNeil. J.C. is a well known chess player in Colorado.  He first started playing at the Denver Chess Club in the early 1980s.  J.C. is a strong blitz player, and is known for being very … Continue reading

Fritz 13 Chess Engine Announced

I received an email from the USCF the other day, announcing Fritz 13, and that you could preorder it now for delivery in mid October 2011. I have been a Fritz user since the late 1990s with Fritz 5.32.  While … Continue reading

October 2010 Tactics Time: Quick Kill

The October 2010 issue of Tactics Time features some interesting tactics in the opening. Problem 1 features a very interesting opening trap against the dutch defense that I had never seen before.  The complete game is given in the answers, and … Continue reading

Boars Gone Wild

This past Saturday I played in one of the “Wild Boar Coffee” tournaments held in Fort Collins, Colorado.   This was my first time playing in one of these events.  This was the Sixth Wild Boar Event, and had a time control of G/45, … Continue reading

Isaac Martinez Interview

Today’s podcast features Isaac Martinez. Isaac is 14 years old, and the son of active chess player Anthea Carson.  Isaac attended his first tournament at age 2 days old!  Isaac has made a lot of rapid improvement in his game, … Continue reading

April 2010 Tactics Time: Tormenting your opponent

The April 2010 Tactics Time column featured a new twist – all of the games were from Colorado players in games that were played on RedHotPawn.com. Problem 7 is another absurd position that really happened in a game, but looks … Continue reading

College Football, Chess Merit Badge, Zupa, Testimonials

My good friend Pete Short send me this picture, which was featured today on http://sports.yahoo.com, and the following commentary: I love that Chess references are always used in sports. Here is an image from a Yahoo article titled “Checkmate?” about … Continue reading

January 2010 Tactics Time: Look for the best recapture

January 2010 Tactics Time Column The January 2010 Tactics Time features some great positions. One type of tactic that some chess players have a tough time with are one square queen moves. Another type of tactic is one where the … Continue reading

Icelandic Gambit in Iceland, Back of the Bus, Upcoming tournaments

My post “Mt. Evans Gambit” inspired another chess player, “morgski” on Red Hot Pawn, to play an opening at a location of the same name! Red Hot Pawn blogger greenpawn34 documented this in his excellent blog, with the post “Sitting … Continue reading