Reader Mailbag: What about studying endgames?

I received this really nice email from Bill Chandler of Denver, Colorado. Bill writes: Dear Tim, I have been very impressed with your “Tactics Time” newsletter and am very intrigued at your emphasis on tactics. I agree with you, that … Continue reading

July 2009 Tactics Time: Hidden Resources, Absurd Underpromotions

The July 2009 issue of Tactics Time features probably the most absurd position that has ever been included in the column.  This would be from a online correspondence game that my friend Pete Short played.  In that game white refused … Continue reading

Tactics Time Version 1.1

I just released an update to the Tactics Time Database – Version 1.1! Existing customers have already been notified by e-mail that they can download the new version with updates for free.  (Tactics Time comes with free, unlimited, lifetime upgrades). … Continue reading

Andy Pineda Podcast

Today’s podcast features Andy Pineda, a super nice guy from Ft. Collins, that I recently met at the Wild West Tournament in Saratoga Wyoming. Some fun factoids about Andy (in his words) many of which we talked about in the … Continue reading

January 2009 Tactics Time: Never Quit

“Even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win.” ~Arnold Palmer The January 2009 Tactics Time features a large number of games from the 2008 Colorado … Continue reading

October 2008 Tactics Time Column: Pawn Stars

October 2008 Tactics Time Column “The older I grow, the more I value Pawns.” – Paul Keres The October 2008 Tactics Time has several problems where a pawn makes the winning move. Problem 1 shows the pieces working together nicely. … Continue reading

July 2008 Tactics Time Column: Avoid the Obvious

There are some interesting themes and subtle moves in the July 2008 Tactics Time. Problem 1 is an excellent example of not making the obvious move.  Here black’s queen is attacked, but he doesn’t just make a knee jerk reaction … Continue reading