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101 Tactical Tips (right click to download)



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Tactics Time Sample Database of 25 games (Right Click to Download)

Works with any Chessbase product, such as the free Chessbase reader, Fritz, Chessbase, etc.

You will need the free Chessbase Reader to open and use the Tactics Time Database, if you do not already own a Chessbase product such as Fritz.

Free Chessbase Reader 2013 Download.


Additional eBook bonuses:


Tactics Time eBook Sample ePub format

This is the same content as the Kindle version, but in the ePub open format which can be used on the

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Nook
  • Sony Reader
  • Android devices
  • Desktop Computer
  • and many more.

You can also read ePub files on your computer with the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

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Tactics Time eBook Sample for Kindle (mobi format)

This eBook for the Amazon Kindle contains all of the same tactics that are in the Tactics Time Sample Database from all 25 games.  There is one tactic per page, and the answer appears on the next page for extra convenience.





PDF format eBook Tactics Time Sample

These contain the same sample tactical puzzles as the Chessbase database, but in PDF format,  that you can

  • read on your computer,
  • print out, or
  • read on your mobile device. 

All answers are located in the back. 


Tactics Time 2.0 User’s Guide

How to make the most of your Tactics Training.

This is the guide I give to Tactics Time customers, but can give you assistance with the sample database and bonuses as well.

Inside you will find information on

  • Software download
  • Software installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to use the Database
  • Product Bonuses
  • Training Plans
  • Thinking Process
  • Tips for study
  • Mindsets
  • Mental Checklists
  • Goal Setting
  • Making the most of your product
  • Other Recommended Tactical Resources
  • Full Bibliography


I hope you enjoy this sample of my Tactics Time Training Program, and it helps your chess game!

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  • 10,001 class player games with original, fun, challenging tactics
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  • Users Guide and Training Program

Find out more information here: http://tacticstime.com/?page_id=2.

After your e-mail subscription is confirmed, you will begin receiving a new, free Tactics time e-mail newsletter about 3 times per week, with a chess tactics problem for you to solve.  This will help

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  • help you win more games and
  • dramatically increase your chess rating!

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Tim Brennan


20 thoughts on “101 Tactical Tips and Sample Database Downloads

  1. I stumbled across your podcast and absolutely love it… keep up the good work. It’s nice to hear “regular” people/players talking about chess.

    • Thanks Peter! I am going to be posting another one today with Chris Peterson of the Denver Chess Club. I did another one with Geoff Chandler of Scotland recently, but had a technical problem where it only recorded me! D’oh! Glad that you like it! I enjoy making them :-)

  2. Hello Tim,

    I right clicked on the below-mentioned, but I can’t download:

    ” Here are your other newsletter signup bonuses!

    Tactics Time Sample Database of 25 games (Right Click to Download)”

    I would love to be able to download these games!

  3. Thank you for inviting me! I will try to use this to improve my games. I am also a diamond member of chess.com where I am now playing only one game http://www.chess.com/echess/game.html?id=52651479 . I lost over a dozen games recently because I ran out of vacation time and my games timed out. I have actually had my rating there as high as a bit over 1800…which was good for me….but I have been losing a lot since then.

  4. I haven’t played chess for 20 years, and now I would like to learn. I think it will be a great dating strategy. Blonde on the outside, killer instincts on the inside. :)

    • haha yeah that is a great dating strategy! The ratio of girls to guys at a typical chess tournament is probably 25-1 lol. You can do the ditzy blonde routine – “How does this horsie move again?” – then proceed to crush your opponent!

  5. Could you offer your sample database in scidvspc format as well? There are many people using SCIDVSPC instead of Chessbase.


  6. I found your booklet “101 Tactical Tips” very useful in terms on information content. However I found that the font used is rendered very thinly and lightly in the Adobe Acrobat pdf format, which makes it uncomfortable and difficult to read. Perhaps in later versions you can use a more ‘substantial’ font which would make for easier viewing. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Tim,
    My chess games are so much more enjoyable after reading and using Tactics Time. My rating is making a steady upward climb. And my wife loves it because I’m less grouchy from making stupid blunders in my online games… :)
    I look forward to following your work. Thanks for being my chess mentor!
    Chefchauen Morroco

  8. Hi Tim, I understand that Tactics Time 2 is only available in digital formats, please could you produce a printed version! I`m currently working my way through the paperback version of no 1 and would love to continue with the same medium!

  9. I have an idea for a completely different kind of chess book. It goes beyond chess improvement It’s a book that will surprise you. I can’t reveal my secret or my research and sources. When you get my book and read it It will open your eyes to a chess game and you will never look at chess the same way. It will make you see what you’ve been missing. When you finish with this book. You will be a stronger player. This book is what everybody wants. The answer to winning in chess. I have a system to eliminate blunders completely.

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